Orphan Care


Community Based Orphan Care

Communities can provide an amazing breadth and depth of care for orphaned children. “Poor” communities can be rich in important resources: time, love, skills, long-term commitment, and a desire for justice.


Families are strengthened and equipped to care for orphaned children in their communities by:

  • providing clean water
  • teaching on hygiene, nutrition and disease prevention
  • improving food security through agricultural training and assistance to develop community and household gardens
  • providing emotional and practical support for children and caregivers through our staff and a team of trained volunteers
  • addressing the isolation orphaned children and their caregivers experience through regular gatherings to share experiences, learn together and work on joint projects
  • helping families keep children in school
  • training in table banking and developing small income generating projects
  • working with local churches to train orphan support teams and encourage fostering of unrelated orphaned children
  • linking families to local resources, including organizations that provide school fee grants.

Equipping local volunteers increases the reach, effectiveness and sustainability of our programs.