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The Village

Join The Village

The Village is a passionate and committed community of monthly givers on a mission to put families in Zimbabwe on a path out of poverty.

When you join The Village, you are partnering with families in eight villages in the rural District of Bikita: Gurudza, Gwerkwe, Machiva, Maipisi, Mangoro, Muziri, Rutsate and Vunga.

Your monthly donation helps form a consistent source of income that we can count on to fund:

Know that you are making a difference, every single month.

Why Give Monthly?

It’s a Community. Becoming a member of The Village allows you to join a committed group of supporters that understand the importance of making a sustained engagement so that families will be put on a path out of poverty.

It’s Affordable. With your monthly investment, you contribute what works best for you while making a huge impact over the course of a year.

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